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  • key-biscayne-florida

    16 Incredible Getaways Our Leaders Love

    Ever wondered what it would be like to vacation like one of our country’s great political leaders? If there’s ever anyone that’s more in need of a vacation, it’s the POTUS. After all, it’s no easy task running a country. So between attending charity dinners, handling foreign affairs, signing bills and kissing babies, many of […]

  • jane-seymour

    18 Fabulous Actresses From The 70s Then And Now

    It’s been 46 years since the start of the 1970s and the actresses who lit up the screens back then are still just as radiant today. They have survived four decades in Hollywood and are still going strong. Here is a flashback to what these amazing actresses looked like then and how they look now. […]

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  • eminem-mariah

    12 Shocking Celebrity Facts You May Never Heard Before

    Did you know John Travolta used to wear wig? Or that singer Brandy killed a woman? Didn’t think so. As you scream out to your mom about the Travolta wig thing take a gander at what other celebrities have lost, or found, or been born into. 1. Steve Buscemi is a firefighter. After the terror […]

  • emilia-clarke

    This Is What 14 Game of Thrones Stars Look Like In Real Life

    Game of Thrones Stars In Real Life Game of Thrones is currently one of the most, if not the most, popular television show in the world. An unprecedented feat for a premium cable show. Their record-breaking night in the recent 2016 Emmys proves the success of the show. Its popularity is facilitated by the internet, driven […]

  • robert-downey-sjp

    10 Celebrity Odd Couples You Wouldn’t Believe If There Weren’t The Pictures To Prove It

    Hollywood is a weird place. It’s full of people hobnobbing with the rich, famous, and beautiful (sometimes, all three). So with all this money and beauty floating around, it’s not really that surprising when random couplings happen that wouldn’t happen anywhere else. Check out this list of 10 celebrity odd couples nobody is sure how […]

  • amber-rose

    25 Celebrities You Never Knew Swung Both Ways

    Hollywood stars are constantly placed under a microscope, with every component of their lives analyzed at great length. There’s nothing you can hide if you’re one of the world’s stars, except for this one thing. Several of Hollywood’s top celebrities actually like all people, no matter the gender. 1. David Bowie Bowie was always a […]

  • megan-fox

    12 Famous Actors Who Were Fired From Major Roles

    For you and I, if we don’t perform our job to the best of our ability, or our employer just doesn’t believe that we are a good fit for our job, then we’re probably in danger of being fired. Yep, fired. Now, celebrities may seem like they live a life of immunity – they’re invincible […]

  • Hot


    15 Most Revealing & Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

    A-list movie stars are associated with flawlessness, style, and perfection. So it’s a tad jarring when they come across like regular human beings. But also thoroughly entertaining. We have all suffered from fashion pitfalls, even celebrities. 1. Sofia Vergara One of the stars of Modern Family, Vergara has shot to the upper echelon of celebrity fame, […]

  • kylie-bisutti

    15 Celebrities Forced To Lose Weight For Work

    In case you weren’t aware, looks are extremely important in Hollywood. If you want to land your dream part, you first have to look the part. Studios executives and producers are not willing to compromise on the issue. They want their actors and actresses appearing in a particular way. But where is the line between reasonable, […]