8 Of The Most Dangerous Stunts In WWE Raw History

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People love to watch wrestling for their outrageous stunts and storylines. The fighting is great but the methods used make the whole thing so much better. Professional wrestlers will occasionally:

  • Jump off cages and onto their opponent
  • Bring in props
  • Break through tables

But with so many crazy things happening at all times, there are moments when things can go wrong.

The sport consists of mostly fighting so you can expect for a bit of injuries to occur. For all of the fans out there that want to recreate these stunts, you’re probably going to want to steer clear from these. Here are the eight most dangerous spots in WWE Raw History.

8. Shane McMahon Crossbody Off Top Of Cage (Nov. 25, 1999)

At this point in his career, Shane McMahon had only participated in a few WWE matches. However he still managed to go through with this incredible act. The wrestler climbed to the top of the cage and jumps onto the members of the Posse waiting for him at the bottom.

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